December 22nd – Capricorn

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We’re proud to release – Dawn Of Eternity


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Dawn Of Eternity


If I would gain a fortune

would I choose possessions

over enlightenment of the soul

mesmerized by greed

where selfishness exceeds

how blindfolded are we all


every drop of water

every grain of sand

touched by your hands

through our very own eyes

all the bits and pieces

that we ourselves materialize


we are stardust

we are golden

we are billion year old carbon


darkness of the night

sunbeams in my hands

need to make you see the light


all that was, all that will be

it’s just parts of you and me

all that was or that will be

it’s just parts of you and me


welcome to a new dawn

where we will spend eternity

Songs from January ’20 til now

Taken from our album THE ZODIAC HORRORSCOPE